What Is Top1Score Top1Score is a revolutionary property manager consultation and tenant screening company.  We use proprietary internet-mining methods that easily and quickly sorts and categorizes your tenant databases to identify the most profitable tenants for your business. With the use of proprietary software, human evaluation and an easy yes or no scoring system, Top1score significantly helps property management companies like yours save time, save money and increase profitability. Top1Score was developed to give property management companies an edge in the ever growing competitive rental and tenant screening markets to find qualified tenants who can easily afford your rent AND with our customized tenant screening scoring solutions find tenants that are actually looking for the rental properties being managed by businesses such as your own. Knowledge Top1Score is compliant with local, state and federal rules and regulations as well as evolving trends in a the tenant background check industry.  Our proprietary software and scoring system is second to none when it comes to tenant screening - United States. Experience Our team has worked in the property rental industry, with both big and small companies and also with weekend rental warriors, for over 20 years.  And now our rental property management expertise is now available to ALL property managers through our proprietary tenant background check scoring system for a very low price. Understanding Our team listens. We gain a complete understanding of the client needs and we fulfil that need.  Customized scoring solutions for property management and tenant background checks… just ask! Customer Satisfaction Our main goal at Top1Score is customer satisfaction and being the number #1 property management background tenant screening service.  We will do what it takes to help you achieve your company goals and increase profitability with our customer service line and proprietary online tenant screening system. Product Highlights Focus on saving capital by using our online tenant screening service system before you invest time and money in tenants Top1Score proprietary online tenant screening and scoring system can synthesize all the information into an easy to use yes or no reference score per each tenant Identify your best tenant and most potentially profitable tenants quickly and easily Save up to 500% on property management background checks and tenant screening compared to other tenant screening services Better Leverage Your Present Tenants Our proprietary scoring system helps you better understand the asset value of your present tenants so you can increase profitability of return business with focussed marketing.Tenant Screening Solutions Is your business wasting time on money on unqualified and unprofitable tenants?   Does your business struggle with uncollected rent or damages?   Do you have times where your team invests hours into a potential tenants only to find that they are either not in the market, or cannot afford your services?   Are you tired of paying high fees for tenant credit checks for all potential tenants? These are not uncommon problems for any business. But there is a solution!   By prescreening potential tenants prior to investing your time and money it will help your productivity.  That’s where we come in! We’re your complete tenant screening solution to make sure you are only working with desirable tenants and make your rental management company more productive. Examples of who all we can also help:   <<< NOTE: see to hyperlink for each below  but instead to “light box” of info>>> Accountants            Plumbers        Subcontractors        Dentists            Spas Restoration Experts        Furniture Stores        Car Dealerships        Property Managers        Appliance Repair Electricians            Renovators        Website Designers    Insurance/Financial Services    Plastic Surgeons/Aesthetics And the list goes on. With Top1Score you’ll gain immediate access to the tenant screening services customized to achieve your specific goals.  Make more informed decisions and work more efficiently across the entire tenant lifecycle.  Limit risk, acquire tenants, and maximize your tenant lifetime value andPrescreening Solutions Instant Prescreening Quickly and easily determine background checks and tenant screening by automatically qualifying new and/or existing tenants for vacant rental properties using our proprietary-internet technology scoring methods. A simple Yes or No score determines your best tenant background check result to continue your screening processes. In Depth Prescreening With our customized tenant background and screening solutions, get a true “snapshot” of a tenant’s rental habits, purchasing power, and asset worthiness. Our easy to use yes/no scoring system gives you quick answers...  Stop wasting time with unqualified tenants!   100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Top1Score will guarantee that you are 100% satisfied with the quality and accuracy of the tenant background and screening information that you’ve requested.  Our tenant screening and scoring system will help you to make money-saving decisions, and is EASY, QUICK and AFFORDABLE.  If you are not satisfied, let us know and we’ll do what it takes with our reporting on tenant background and screening to ensure your satisfaction. Personalized Service We’re a national company, but we offer personalized and attentive service.  When you call us, you’ll talk to a person, not a computer.  With our multiple customized scoring system options, our Customer Service Team will work with you to build a package to fit your rental management company’s particular needs for renting properties and screening tenants more efficiently that you’d ever thought possible. It just takes a five-minute phone call to get started.  Customer Service hours are 8 am to 6 pm Pacific, 123-456-7890. It’s Easy To Get Started Through our online website, ordering is simplified, turnaround time is reduced, and the savings are immediate.  We provide internet tenant monitoring and customized background checks with our scoring services to hundreds of rental property managers, from small sole proprietor family-run companies to Fortune 500 Corporations who all have one thing in common: They want to efficiently tenant background checks and prescreening solutions for prospective tenants, to increase overall efficiency and profitability. Click the button below and talk to one of our Top1Score consultants. Prescreening Solutions Why Top1Score We at Top1Score are your solution to reducing your risk, and increasing profits, when investing time and resources with potential renters.  With Top1Score, to begin the process of tenant background checks and screening, you only need: Name Address Phone number Our proprietary scoring system will give you a simple to use yes/no score for each of your potential rental tenants.  Using our proprietary internet screen process to determine the best tenants for background checks and screening with Top1Score gives you an edge over your competitors.  With our customized solutions we can do any type of tenant background check or rental property management prescreening for prices well below the competition. $5 Is All It Takes… And you can save costs up to as much as $1000’s. The $5 allows you to focus on the winners instead of the tire kickers.  It allows you to receive a quick tenant background check with a pre-screening score… whereas the competition will charge as much as $35 to $65 for a similar tenant screening service.   Reviewing 1000 potential tenants a month equates to a $30,000 per month savings. And that doesn’t include the increase in revenue and savings you can generate when you use our services to focus only on the optimal renters and tenants. Other Screening Services In addition to our pre-screening services, we also offer a more indepth internet screening and scoring service (using our proprietary internet-methods) to help you further zero in your business efforts.  The more you customize and detail what your company needs for screening for the optimal customers, the more profitable you can make your business long term.   Sorting Screening Buying habits Customized scoring Being able to to score and sort customer’s “value” QUICKLY and EASILY will allow you to make the right business decisions… giving you more information in your client follow up and marketing campaigns. Be sure to check out our other services: Marketing Profitability Solutions and Buyer Lead Solutions. Custom Packages We offer both standard prescreening solution packages and also customized scoring solutions for your business (just call us and ask for details, 123-456-7890) For Contact us… hyperlink and light box? How To Start Today To get started today, click the button below you’ll talk to a team member where we’ll discuss package offers that are customized to your particular situation.  Within minutes we’ll get you setup and started saving your business money. We look forward to having you join our fast growing team of professionals.